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ArtScene is now recognised as the supplier of the World's Leading systems and services for Art and Antique Dealers, Artists, Collectors, Museums, Curators, Restorers and the Insurance Industry.

ArtScene offers the widest range of products and services ranging from low cost, yet powerful and easy to use state of the art systems in different languages, through to website design and construction and customisable databases for any purpose.

Mediatec (an award winning company and Google preferred supplier) specialise in cross platform systems for both MAC and PC and we are the only company that supply customised systems which can be shared between Mac and PC. Our systems can be used as standalone or on networks and accessed via VPN.

All of our systems are GDPR compliant

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Tel: 07861 693426 (office hours)

State of the Art Gallery Management Systems

ArtScene is a professional Art Gallery Management System developed by Mediatec Limited. It is the most comprehensive and proficient system available, performing tasks for the daily management of an art gallery. It is a fully integrated system requiring no third party software.

Clients & Contacts

Store details of clients with multiple addresses

Store client & contact details, details of all stock items purchased and offered. Produce lists and mailing labels and create email selections.
Fully GDPR compliant.

Artist Details

Store Artist details with their stock details

Store comprehensive details of all artists and their works including sales, requests and consignments for the artist


Powerful searching and sorting of stock

Powerful searching in many different ways, store comprehensive details of stock items with multiple images and attach documents. Store purchases, sales, consignments, expenses & offers and perform calculations


View records by images, lists, slideshows etc

View records by many different ways including by images thumbnails, lists, slideshows etc 

List Screens

List screens to show records by various ways

View Stock in many different ways including lists by Status, Artist, Medium & Category


Various Reporting with different options

The ArtScene system is able to produce many different reports such as Stock reports, Purchase & Sales Analysis, Invoices, Consignment Notes, Price Lists, Mailing Labels and much more


Built in Help

The ArtScene system has built in help which is easy to follow and straight to the point. There is also a facility to store your own help instructions.


Overview screen to see records at a glance

The ArtScene System has an overview screen to show the whole system records at a glance showing recent clients added, recent stock, recent sales, items by status and items by artist 

Benefits of Artscene

* Easy to use with minimal learning

* Very Comprehensive

* Proven Software

* Powerful, fast, reliable User friendly

* GDPR compliant

* Multi Currency & Multi Language

* Export Data

* Full Mailing List features

* Full Graphic Image Support

* Perform VAT Calculations 

* Produce Price Lists and Stock Reports

* Produce Financial Reports

* View data in a variety of ways 

* Perform detailed searching

* Fully Customised Systems

Some testimonials

"Of course, I would (and will!) be happy to recommend ArtScene now - and in future. As I have always said to you, it is a superb program... that just gets better and better !"

"It took me over a year to find a perfect solution to manage the business affairs of Artware (CommissionaPortrait) until I discovered ArtScene and then everything changed.The software has been an absolute God send and Mediatec have proved to be extremelyhelpful in finding and creating solutions to improve the management of the business andthe business identity. I would recommend ArtScene to anyone who has a busy art business and you cannot fail to find how much ArtScene and its team will help to move your business forward."

“A complete necessity for the professional artist, gallery or anyone who needs to manage and integrate stock and client information beyond a basic level. 

A brilliantly efficient data stock and client management system that has kept me sane and able to concentrate on producing my artwork for the last 10 years - just one click and I can pull up individual picture details, produce catalogues for shows, international price lists, invoices and manage my clients, filter and extract specific client information for mailing or just when they call. 

Artscene is as valuable to me as my paintbrush - I take it around the world with me - I would recommend ArtScene, Richard, Trisha and their team without hestitation. ”

Contact Us

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(We are a software company and do not supply art materials)